Wine and Food – French Brasserie Food and Cabernet Franc

Old fashioned, classic French dishes such as herbed roasted chicken with roasted potatoes or steak au poivre with French fries make great matches with Cabernet Franc. The wine has just the right amount of weight, tannin, acidity, fruit, earthiness and smoothness of texture to complement these familiar meals.

A young, fruity Cabernet Franc also marries well with squab, poussin, quail or duck (domesticated). Specialty wild, gamy birds, such as pigeon or pheasant, which have a more intense flavor, or a rich stuffed goose, call for a more powerful, tannic wine.

Cabernet Franc also goes well with casseroles and stews, which are so comforting. Since “Julie & Julia” came out in 2009, many home chefs have become proficient at preparing Julia Child’s Coq au Vin and Boeuf Bourguignon. They’re worth adding to your repertoire.

Steak au poivre migrated from a restaurant to a home-cooked dish in my home.  The pepper flavor is toned down by the cream in the sauce, and makes a very flavorful dish that goes well with a flavorful wine. And who can resist homemade French fries?

The reference points for Cabernet Franc are the Loire and Bordeaux, and its raspberry, strawberry, red currant, violet, tobacco, mushroom, earthy and leafy aromas make easy pairings with French bistro and brasserie food.

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