Wine and Food – Italian Dishes and Cab Franc

It’s comforting to remember the smell of garlic nuts at the local Italian restaurant when I was a kid, the midnight snack aroma of sausage and pepper heroes, the fragrance of risotto at a Milanese restaurant, the scent of caramelizing onions coming through the apartment door.  Hot and sweet sausages, porcini mushrooms, red onions, garlic and bell peppers all smell so good while they’re cooking. They’re full of flavor, full of comfort, and full of associations.

North Fork Cabernet Franc is a food friendly wine that goes well with Italian cuisine. Its berry and spice aromas, acidity, moderate alcohol, balanced acidity and fine soft tannins pair very well with these flavorful dishes.

Dried wild mushroom risotto has an earthy flavor and lovely textures – al dente rice with a rich and creamy sauce. They marry well North Fork wine, which has a distinctive earthiness to it. Carnarolio rice and a bit of saffron worked very well in this dish.

Sausage and peppers with fresh basil leaves on ciabatta are hard to beat, especially when cooked on the grill. They’re a crowd pleaser and a perfect occasion for a local wine.

A tomato is a very wine-friendly food. It’s also cross-cultural, having originated in South America. Pizza, pasta and bruschetta with fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce and Italian spices – basil, oregano, rosemary, and parsley – easily pair with medium-bodied North Fork Cab Franc. Give it a try! Cin cin!

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