Wine 101 – Large Format Wine Bottles

Palazzo Barberini

What is about a grand staircase, a high ceiling, or a long driveway? They’re dramatic. They’re memorable. They’re awe-inspiring.

For a stupendous gift for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or important celebration, think big! Consider a large-format bottle of Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux or Napa wine. The largest sizes are rare, but you can find a Jeroboam or double magnum for $200-$500.


8 Sizes of Pol Roger Champagne

NV means non-vintage, and is less expensive than vintage wine that has a year on the label indicating when its grapes were grown. NV is usually a blend of the most recent plus some older vintages of wine. NV is still delicious.

A magnum ages at a slower rate than a standard 750 ml bottle because the air-to-wine ratio is lower, and larger format bottles are usually filled with wine from standard bottles. The larger issue with these formats may be their weight!


So that you’re equipped to purchase a large-format bottle, with a larger-than-life name:

Bottles Liters Champagne/Burgundy Bordeaux Biblical Reference
1 0.75    
2 1.5 Magnum Magnum
3 2.25 Marie-Jeanne
4 3 Jeroboam Double Magnum Two kings of Israel
6 4.5 Rehoboam Jeroboam Son and successor to Solomon
8 6 Methuselah Imperial Mentioned in Genesis, lived 187 years
12 9 Salmanazar Assyrian King
16 12 Balthazar One of three Magi
20 15 Nebuchadnezar King of Babylon who made the Hanging Gardens for his wife
24 18 Melchior One of three Magi


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