I ♥ Sushi with Bouké White Wine

I just read “The Feed Zone Cookbook/Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes” by Biju Thomas and Allen Lim, looking for new food ideas for the end of a century ride. I found a lot of recipes based on rice, an excellent source of energy and carbohydrates, and a food that is also low in fat and sodium. I also just read that sushi is the favorite food of the #1 USA squash player, Julian Illingworth.

So, off I went to buy short grain sushi rice, avocado, cucumber, nori (seaweed to wrap the sushi) and shrimp for dinner (not a training ride!). I’ve tried sushi with Bouké White before, but never with homemade sushi. Of course homemade tastes better and fresher. And I would never use imitation crabmeat, a staple of California Rolls.

The sushi/white wine match was even better than I remembered. It brought out the fruitiness of the wine and the subtle sweetness of the shrimp and the avocado. The delicate flavors of the sushi were beautifully accented by the wine’s crisp acidity. The sushi itself had an interesting mix of textures: Avocados have high oil content and a butter texture. Cucumbers have a high water content and crunchy texture. Shrimps are dense and smell like the ocean. The rice melded it all together. The wine added a clean mouthfeel to this combination. Really, really tasty.

A few things to remember when making sushi: You need a sharp knife to cut consistently so that the rolls will look attractive when plated. Sushi rice is sticky, which is a plus because it holds the roll together, but it’s messy to work with. You also need to clean your hands and knife between steps for a clean cut. It’s worth the effort!

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2 Responses to I ♥ Sushi with Bouké White Wine

  1. amaman says:

    “Cucumbers have a high water content and crunchy texture”
    I do not agree, look at:

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