Bouké Meets The Chocolate Nation

I just met, an online marketplace for premium quality domestic artisanal chocolates. The Dark Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bites with French Sea Salt, made by John Kelly Chocolates, were exceptional with Bouké Red Wine, a fruit-forward wine with chocolate notes of its own on the finish. (Just in case: A truffle is a ganache coated in chocolate or cocoa powder. A ganache is a mixture of chocolate and cream or butter plus flavorings.) The dark chocolate was made with 86% cacao, meaning proportionally less sugar and more roasted flavors, which are complementary to the wine’s dark berry aromas, velvety tannins and moderate acidity. The sea salt added a delightfully surprising and fresh accent to the chocolate – definitely worth seeking out! Bouquet Red Dessert Wine was not quite as successful with this chocolate because the peppery notes from the Syrah in its blend were competitive with the sea salt. Pure dark chocolate, on the other hand, made a beautifully harmonious pairing with the red dessert wine. You’ll find many temptations on this site, from fair trade to bonbons.

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