With Love from the Cupboard

Pastry Chef Nicole Peranick and I had just met, eyed each other’s confections and wines, and both said at the same time, “My husband’s going to love this!” Nicole brought over two beautifully gift-wrapped boxes to my house, one with Lychee Jellies and one with Profiteroles. Her jellies (pâtes de fruits) are so thin and light, yet with such intense flavor! The bite-sized floral shape of the jellies was so pretty and refined with the wine, and the sweet and spicy Lychee Jelly highlighted the lychee aroma of the Gewurztraminer in Bouquet White Dessert Wine.

Nicole also prepared a plate of Salted Caramel Sauce and Chocolate Profiteroles. The slightly savory flavor of the sauce was irresistible with the sweet petite puff pastries filled with creamy custard. They added richness to Bouquet Red Dessert Wine, and the wine added even more luxury to the confection. Just as I thought, when my husband opened the refrigerator that evening, he asked right away, “Mmm, what’s in that box? Does it go with your wine?”

nicole@lovethecupboard.com, 551-200-6127, website coming soon: www.lovethecupboard.com

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