Queens Uncorked – Outstanding Pairings You Would Never Have Thought Up On Your Own

Edible Queens just hosted its first Queens Uncorked event at The Foundry, a restored and renovated 19th century building that formerly hosted Albra Metal Foundry Co. Since Queens is the most culturally diverse community in the USA with over 150 languages spoken, Queens Uncorked had a lot to choose from. They located eateries specializing in American, Argentinean, Greek, Indian, Italian and Mexican food to present alongside Long Island wineries and local wine shops.

To make the show extra special, the high-energy, creative editor/publisher of edible Queens, Leah McLaughlin, paired wineries with eateries. My partner and I took this seriously. Prior to the event and right in the middle of her New Year’s celebrations, I met with Shefalee, the owner of Sweet Silk to see which of my wines paired well with her Indian confections. She combines nuts, dried fruit, spices, milk and sugar to make her sweets.

Two combinations were truly outstanding – they made both the wines and the confections taste even better! Bouquet White Dessert Wine, a VdN made from Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer, brought out the bright fruitiness of her Walnut Apple Spice confection, which is made with black walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla essence and milk topped with apple vanilla cream. Bouquet Red Dessert Wine, a VdN made from Syrah and Pinot Noir, brought out the rich fruitiness of her Fig Roasted Cashew confection.

The stars were in the right position. We had adjoining tables in front of a large fireplace and a lovely team. Shefalee’s sister, a graphic designer, created a beautiful tasting menu. My friend and former WSET classmate, Jennifer, who often pours with me at tasting events, at long-last launched her blog, Journeys by Jennifer, the next day.


Worth a detour! Check out the diverse food scene in Queens with a little help from edible Queens. For starters, it’s easy to get to Long Island City from Manhattan – just one subway stop from Grand Central Station on the 7 train.

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2 Responses to Queens Uncorked – Outstanding Pairings You Would Never Have Thought Up On Your Own

  1. Hoa Hoang says:

    I live in the uk and I can’t find where I could buy Bouké red dessert wine. Do you know? best Hoa x

  2. boukewines says:

    Hoa, I wish it was available in the UK! But it’s only available in the US. Happy holidays! – Lisa

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