El Tour de New York’s Boroughs Part 1: Saturday Evening in Staten Island

As the sun was setting impossibly early on Saturday evening, I drove over the Verrazano Bridge to wineLIFE, a cozy wine shop in Stapleton owned by Veronique and Shehu Fitzgerald, a wine expert (DWS) and Chef. The tasting was scheduled from 5-8, but the store rocks until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. They transformed a former skateboard shop into a beautiful wine shop, filled the walls with paintings by local artists, and set a festive holiday mood with candles, garlands, ribbons and ornaments throughout the store. They have lots of fun with wine and food pairings at wineLIFE: brunch, Thanksgiving, chocolate. But I think they have even more fun with social networking. Their computer guru, Tahir Moncion, invites wine lovers at home on their computers to the shop’s wine tastings via facebook and twitter, then includes them in the party via ustream; someone even called Chef Bradley Aug at the store over the weekend, said “I see you!” and placed an order.

wineLIFE, 386 Van Duzer Street, Staten Island, 718-816-9463, awinelifestyle.com

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